HR Policy


Konak Civata offers a full family atmosphere by combining close to 100 employees with qualified service approach, innovative thinking and customer-focused understanding.

"Right at the right time, the right person for the right job"

Our aim; is to ensure the structuring and continuity of our human resources systems where our employees are able to make their own improvements together with their contribution to the development of our company in a safe working environment.

Our Policy
The Company; to prepare and develop the necessary workforce infrastructure appropriate to the target, purpose and culture, to establish a teaching and creative organization that uses modern management techniques ...

Common Values

- Acquiring the task;
All of our staff are aware of the positive and negative consequences of your work and are aware that the activities will affect all stakeholders, not only the staff or the company itself.

- To be trustworthy and honest;
There is no doubt that the most important point to work in a peaceful environment is mutual trust.

-To be a participant and a sharer;
The way in which people who has a sense of team spirit and solidarity can work together and work productively is highly reserved for a participant and sharing.

- Creative and innovative;
It is always one step forward to have a viewpoint that can think of and produce a solution.

- Internal and external customers with sensitivity;
We are open to complaints and recommendations of our coworkers and non-business customers for financing.

- Leadership;
Ability to manage and think analytically about oneself and their surroundings.

- Flexibility;
To be able to adapt to changing conditions.

- Time Management;
Being aware that you are going through a plan to the destination.

- self-improvement;
It is the desire of the staff to know before and after the work they are doing, and to be open to the principles of unlimited research, development, training and learning in this direction.

If you want to join Konak Civata family, you can send your CV to or you can apply by filling in the job application form.

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